Kevin Garnett Wife

Kevin Maurice Garnett is also known by his initials, KG. He is an American professional basketball player who currently plays as a power forward and center for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association.

His wife is Brandi Padilla and she receives plenty of media attention herself.
Kevin and Brandi were married in July 2004 in California. This wedding is the reason why Kevin Garnett missed the Olympics in that same year. They do have a daughter who was born in 2008.

While they seem to be happily married there have been a ton of rumors suggesting the Kevin has cheated on Brandi. Recently Brandi came face to face with one of them Krissy at the same basketball game. Kevin Garnett wife Brandi understandably was outraged and upset at the meeting. Apparently it was Kevin Garnett who purchased a season ticket for Krissy.

Again this is very strange behavior for a married man. Why would you purchase tickets for a person who is known to be your long time ‘jump-off’?

This has not been the first time that incidents of cheating have been suggested. It seems that this may have been going on many times over the course of their marriage. Is it possible that Kevin was cheating even before Brandi became Kevin Garnett’s wife?

Brandi is definitely a beautiful woman and many may wonder why someone like Kevin would be tempted to cheat on her? Recently there have been speculations that Kevin Garnett’s wife Brandi has been meeting with divorce lawyers. So we cannot really say what the future will hold for them both. They are still both seen together and Brandi regularly attends his basket ball games.

This whole relationship doesn’t seem to make sense. Kevin Garnett’s wife is absolutely gorgeous, other men would be thrilled to have such a wonderful looking wife. But then again looks don’t always account for everything.

Money is obviously not a problem for the couple. Their home is reportedly worth $4.6 million and is located in Concord, MA and runs just over 8,000 square feet. I guess more than enough room to lead almost separate lives if necessary.

The one nice thing about this couple is that they are very private about their daughter and keep her well shielded from the press. When out in public they do not even mention her name when the media is around instead they just use terms such as Peanut or Boo Boo. This is a good move on their part if you ask me.

When asked about this Kevin usually replies that he just likes to use nicknames instead of someone’s real name. He says he does this a lot during interviews when he wants to mention someone without giving out their actual name.

Kevin Garnett’s wife Brandi has an older sister who is married to music producer Jimmy Jam Harris from Def Jam.

If you haven’t seen Kevin Garnett’s wife Brandi it is quite easy to find photos of her alone and with Kevin online. She is listed in many top sports wives lists separately and as a couple. She isn’t hard to track down and then you can ask yourself why anyone would want to risk a relationship with this woman.

Living life in the spotlight can be difficult and both Kevin Garnett and his wife have probably been subjected to a lot more than we will ever know. Of course this can have pronounced effects on any relationship. We will just have to wait and see what the future holds for this couple and their daughter, your guess at this point is as good as mine.

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